Stacie Mathieu

Restaurant Manager & Beverage Curator

Stacie has more than 15 years in the food and beverage industry. Though you may see her around the restaurant interacting with guests, you’ll often see her behind the bar, making her signature specialty cocktails crafted with local ingredients. She has been with Azalea Bar & Kitchen since our re-launch in May of 2023 and is devoted to creating memorable experiences.

“[My] priority is to make Azalea a unique hangout to showcase the community and beauty of Asheville to visitors, as well as create a healthy work environment with a passionate team that works on bettering themselves and those around them.”

Stacie Mathieu - Restaurant Manager & Beverage Curator at Azalea Bar & Kitchen

John Goodson

Executive Chef

Chef John comes to Azalea with 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He created our menu and specializes in a fusion of Southern-inspired cuisine with international influences.

He is committed to “Creating food you’ll always remember and talk about, [while] giving everyone the best meal of their life, every time.”

John Goodson - Executive Chef at Azalea Bar & Kitchen

Lee Burns

Head Chef

With 12 years of experience working with various cuisines and a specific background in French cooking, Lee helped Chef John develop our menu. His wish is to “Set [Azalea Bar & Kitchen] apart from the normal” restaurants by “innovating or revitalizing traditional American cuisine.”

Lee Burns - Head Chef at Azalea Bar & Kitchen


Assistant Restaurant Manager

A passionate, fierce leader, Skeva has spent 5 years in the food and beverage industry, working in every position in the front-of-house. At Azalea, they are embarking on their first experience assisting with all aspects of the restaurant, including helping Stacie open the kitchen on our re-launch.

Skeva’s goal for Azalea Bar & Kitchen is to “Create a fun and welcoming environment, a place to discover your favorite meal or cocktail [and] Create long-term connections within the community and all of our guests.”

Skeva - Assistant Restaurant Manager at Azalea Bar & Kitchen